How Many Google Accounts Can You Have? There’s No Limit
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Setting up a Google account is so quick and easy that many people have more than one account. But is there a strict limit to the number of Google accounts you can have? Also, what information is required to set up a Google account?


You can have as many Google accounts as you want. However, to register, you need certain information such as your date of birth (to verify your age) and your country of residence. An alternate mobile phone number and email address are also recommended.

How many Google accounts can you have?

Simply put, Google does not impose any limits on the number of accounts you can create. You can make as many as you want. Get unconscious and go crazy. After all, it is free.

What you need to sign up for a Google account

The three required pieces of information are your name, date of birth and gender. Google says they ask for your age, as there are age restrictions to set up an account. However, they don’t ask you to prove your age or name by carrying identification, so you can easily make something up. As for the genre, Google does not say why they want it, but there is the option I prefer not to say it if you do not want to give it to them.

The two optional pieces of information are a backup mobile phone number and a backup email address. Google strongly recommends adding a mobile phone number to protect your account and facilitate your recovery. Adding a number also allows you to configure two-factor authentication. The email address (if you have another) is also an additional layer of security, so you can receive verification codes.

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How to switch Google accounts (Android and iOS)

To switch between your Google account in Gmail on both Android and iOS, tap your Google profile picture in the upper right corner.

This displays your list of accounts that you are currently logged into. If the account you want to switch to is here, tap it. If not, tap Add another account and follow the sign-in instructions.

Now you will be transferred. However, keep in mind that in Gmail, you can tap All inboxes to receive all emails from all accounts that you signed in to in the same inbox.

How to switch your Google account (desktop)

Switching your Google account on the desktop is practically similar. For this example, I will use YouTube. But as with any Google service, it simply involves clicking on your profile photo at the top right of the screen.

Scroll down and select Disconnect. Then choose which account you want to log into.

With other Google services, such as Google Docs, you will see the family account box when you click on your profile photo. You can then click on the account you want to switch to or sign in to another account.

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