How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone (iOS 15 Update)
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How to Leave a Group Chat in Messages on iPhone and iPad: Did your grandma just buy a new iPhone and she loves to send you nothing but all forward messages in iMessage group chat? Do you want to have a nice sleep today without being wakened up by your friends’, texting in an 18 or 20 people group chat? Are you so tired of getting all the messages on your group chat and you are desperately looking how to leave a group chat on your iPhone? No doubt, group chats are extremely useful but at times they do get irritating and drive you crazy. You might have stepped away from your phones and within the next five to ten minutes you get all types of forwarding messages, log messages, and a gazillion more of the same. No more worries, the process is very simple if you are on the right page.

How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone (iOS 15 Update)

You must be having reservations about leaving a group chat, your friends, family and other members would react, what you will tell them. You can either inform the admin of the group that you are leaving the group so there should be no such hard feelings and you leave on a good note. If you think you don’t owe any explanations to anyone why you want to leave, then these steps are very easy to learn. I am going to tell you how to leave the iMessage group chat. If you are a part of a group chat and you no longer see the value of being in that group chat anymore, there is an easy way to remove yourself. But it is a little bit hard to find so I will tell you how to leave a group chat on iPhone. You need to know what exactly to press to get to here and enjoy your favorite groups only.

If you are badly looking at how to leave a group chat on iPhone all you need to do is press right on top and in the middle of the screen you should see leave this conversation and it should be red. Only if you are using iMessage and everyone in your group is using iMessage. So if you press leaves this conversation you will leave that conversation instantly. Nowadays, getting a lot of messages almost daily, all that comes to your mind is how to leave an iMessage group chat, but if this is grey for you, then you might think why can’t I leave a group chats? Well, I have another solution for you.

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How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone (iOS 15 Update)

In a few group chats, when you press, leave this conversation is greyed out. You might be thinking about what is wrong and why this is happening. This is because everyone in your group chat is not using iMessage. The blue bubbles, the iMessage bubbles, and the leave this conversation option will be active. But in some cases, if everyone is not using iMessage and they are using regular SMS, regular text is in green color, leaving this conversation option is going to be grey. So, the alternative around this is the icon hide alerts. If you turn this on, you won’t get alerts that people are sending you messages in group messages. It technically doesn’t leave you from the group message but you won’t be bothered by their alerts and unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow you to leave the conversation if you are not using iMessage. But this is a very interesting way to get around that in your own style.

Why can’t I leave a group chat? There is one more option how to leave a group text on iPhone. If you go to settings and scroll down here to messages, and if you scroll down under messages, there is a group messaging option. If you turn this on or off, it will turn off group messaging altogether. So this is not as good as hiding alerts in one message or leaving a group. But if for some reason you didn’t want to be part of any group messaging, you could turn this off entirely by sliding this off. Well, it’s not recommended because you might want to see any of your group messages from different people or might not want to be excluded from all group messages. How to leave a group text on iPhone. You can easily change this setting inside each group by either leaving it if it is an iMessage or pressing hide alerts if it’s not an iMessage and you can’t leave that conversation.

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You can leave a group text messaging easily as long as there are some more people in the thread and all of them are using iMessaging. You can also mute notifications for your selective group text messages. You might get yourself added up in a group chat by an unknown number where you did not give your number to anyone at all.

Getting yourself fully familiarized with how to leave a group text on iPhone, just follow these simple steps:

  1. You can simply tap on the group text message which you want to leave.
  2. You can tap the group icons at the top of your messages thread.How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone (iOS 15 Update)
  3. Now just simply scroll down and tap on Leave this Conversation. If you are using iOS 14 or earlier, you can tap the info button at the top right corner then tap on leave this conversation.
  4. Also, from your life of chats, you can swipe left over the group text message and tap the alerts icon.
  5. The icon will appear next to the chat on the right side with iOS 15. Whereas, a crescent moon icon will show on the conversation if you have iOS 14.

These hide alerts notifications will only work for a specific group text message. You will still get all the other messages and notifications by doing this.

So, how to leave a group chat on iPhone is pretty much easier to do now, where you can control seeing your friend’s group texts and only get your personalized messages more like your personalized inbox emails.

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