How to Make Google Maps the Default on iPhone
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We all understand that Apple is committed to a closed software environment and that the corporation prefers to use first-party applications wherever feasible. They did, however, enable consumers to alter the default Website, Mail client, and even Music app in iOS 14 (and iOS 14.5). But what about the other critical services that people rely on on a regular basis? When it comes to the question of “How to set Google maps as default on iPhone”  Is it possible? No way, at least not completely. Although Google Maps is perhaps the most popular map program in the United States, iPhone consumers are forced to use Apple Maps by choice. If you want to utilize Google Maps as your smartphone’s preferred map app, you’ll have to accept some compromises.

How to set up Google maps as default on iPhone?

In principle, making Google Maps the default on iOS 14 or earlier releases is not feasible. Consumers may now switch their default mail client, internet browser, and entertainment source with the release of iOS 14. (After iOS 14.5). That’s all there is to it. You can try jailbreaking, but experts don’t advocate it until you’re completely comfortable with the technique and its hazards.

If you use Google programs that can substitute their iOS versions, such as chrome and Gmail, there is a solution. It may appear perplexing, but it is actually rather straightforward. This workaround essentially allows Google’s iOS applications to talk to each other. Despite the limits, Google has found a method to bring their services together on Apple’s restricted platform. Basically, when you click a contact in Gmail, you have the choice of navigating to Google Maps or Apple Maps. The same may be said for Safari or Chrome with web links.

We’re concerned that integrating Safari or Apple Mail with Google Maps will not function for you. Google Maps, not Apple’s, may be configured as the primary program from Google applications. This is what you must do:

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Gmail and Google Maps may be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad. If you currently have these, check sure they’re up to date and you’re using the most recent version of iOS.

  • Start the app after logging into your Gmail account.
  • Choose Settings from the hamburger bar.
  • Select Default Apps from the menu.
  • Move from your current position and between destinations with Google Maps.

To make sure you’re always using Google’s services, click to Settings > Chrome > Default Browser App and Settings > Gmail > Default Mail App and make them the default applications.

How to Employ Google Maps with Gmail as the Primary Email App

If you desire to access location addresses you get over email in Google Maps, you must use Gmail as your preferred email client.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your list and choose Gmail.
  • Select Default Mail App from the drop-down menu.
  • Gmail will appear on the screen.
  • Open Gmail after exiting Settings.
  • In the upper left corner of the search feature, click the menu symbol.
  • Scroll down the page of the menu and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Default Apps from the menu.
  • Press Google Maps underneath Navigate from your current location, and then select Google Maps once more under Navigate across locations.
  • When you touch on an address in a Gmail message, you’ll now be questioned whether you want to utilize Apple Maps or Google Maps.

How to change default browser iPhone

On Chrome, you may access a location’s address in Google Maps by tapping on it.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your application list and select Chrome.
  • Select Default Browser App from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Chrome.
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You’ll now be prompted if you desire to explore a location in Apple Maps or Google Maps if you click on it in Chrome to discover its position.

How to set Google maps as default on iPhone iOS 10?

Unfortunately, in iOS 14 and above, you can simply modify the primary mail and browser applications. From the Gmail app preferences, you may designate Gmail as your preferred mail app or select from a variety of alternative options, such as Hey or Spark. Rather than Safari, you may use DuckDuckGo, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge as your web page.

Final thoughts

Previously, Google Maps was superior to Apple Maps in most aspects; however, Apple Maps has dramatically advanced in recent years and now rivals its competitor in most categories. Although we still favour Google Maps for local search, we now believe Apple’s turn-by-turn routing is superior. Nevertheless, after being misled by Apple Maps for a while, iPhone users have grown to appreciate third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps. Despite the fact that Apple has disabled the option to transition from Apple Maps to third-party map software as a standard, there are workarounds for each of the iPhone’s working systems.

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